Passport Health - Protecting clients with Hand Armor!

Nurse Testimonial:
"A little over one year ago, I was introduced to a unique, non-alcohol hand product/sanitizer/protectant by HyGenesis LLC that could help protect my clients for extended periods of time with a single application.  I began selling Hand Armor in my office.  Twenty-six of the first twenty-seven clients I introduced this amazing product to purchased it.  This showed me that this hand treatment is a product that people respond to and would likely use while traveling.

More than 1,000 units later, including much repeat business, I have found that not only do clients love to use this product while traveling, but they have also made it part of a daily morning routine at their homes with children and extended family members.  All comment on the non-drying, “silky” feel and enjoy the extra protection it provides when they go out for the day."
Diana Taylor, RN, Passport Health - Troy, Michigan

Passport Health is in the "preventative medicine" business.  Travelers trust Passport to protect them from illnesses by providing complete vaccination services, wherever their travels may take them...anywhere in the world.

Because of the protective nature and long-term efficacy of our technology, Hand Armor is the perfect compliment to Passport services.

Additionally, Passport provides corporate on-site vaccination services.

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