Products & Services

Through years of research, field-testing and practical application, HyGenesis has created a unique set of products and services designed to significantly reduce community acquired infections in high population environments including healthcare, schools and corporate institutions by reducing bio-burden as much as 80% over extended periods of time.

Based on HyGenesis proprietary formulations and a unique organosilane molecule originally developed by Dow Chemical, the HyGenesis System is designed to simplify and lower the costs assiciated with improved hand hygiene, surface cleaning/disinfection and the laundering of textiles for any size facility by as much as 30%.

The technology built into the HyGenesis System protects against the most serious and persistent “super bugs” including MRSA, VRE, viruses, including flu, as well as mold and mildew.  The System is designed to protect all “high touch” areas including hands, surfaces and fabrics. 

Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAI) account for more than a $38 billion problem for the healthcare industry alone.

The HyGenesis System includes:

    1. Hand Armor – An alcohol-free hand treatment that provides immediate sanitization on contact and hours of protection with just one application.
    2. Surface Armor – A unique product that cleans, disinfects, and protects all in one application step.  This "triple action" product is unique in the marketplace.
    3. Textile Armor – Used in the rinse cycle of the laundry process, provides long-term bacterial protection for all institutional fabrics.
    4. Testing and Reporting – Application areas are monitored and formal reports are generated to demonstrate and assure maximum protection.

      All HyGenesis System products have the required FDA and EPA registrations.

Additional Services:
In addition to delivering exceptional economic and social benefits to Hospitals, Extended Care Facilities, Schools, etc., HyGenesis distinguishes itself by providing a unique set of services that allow our facilities to maximize the benefits of our proprietary system.

    1. Assessment Workshop - Prior to any application of our technology, our Process Engineers evaluate current cleaning and disinfecting protocols and apply Lean Six Sigma practices to help streamline a facility's hygiene regimen.  HyGenesis  helps with the "cultural change" that is often necessary when practices have been in place for many years
    2. Program Design - With the new processes in mind, a unique application program is developed to assure maximum long-term efficacy of our technology
    3. Implementation - Working with your staff, HyGenesis  Application Technicians treat all specified areas in an orchestrated "lock step" manner to complete treatment as efficiently as possible.
    4. Continuous Improvement - At regularly defined intervals, our staff visits your facility scientifically evaluating product efficacy, suggesting any changes in protocol that could improve bacterial reduction rates and introducing new technologies that may assist in reducing facility infection rates.