Textile ARMOR….is a proprietary blend of safe and effective ingredients developed to reduce bacterial transference via textiles in the healthcare industry as well as community living environments like extended care facilities.

Textile ARMOR is the product that breaks the cycle of bacterial transference.  How?  It accelerates the decay of bacteria on textiles that are used by hospital patients, employee and residents.  The product is applied in the rinse cycle of the laundry process.  A single application can be effective for up to 60 wash cycles.

The laundry process is effective at cleaning textiles.  However, after laundering, textiles are susceptible to bacteria exposure and transference at every encounter prior and during patient use.  No matter how effective the laundry process is, textiles can be "contaminated" after they are cleaned.  Textile ARMOR provides a level of protection against the development of bio-film during the transfer of textiles from the laundry facility as well as during patient and staff use.

What does Textile ARMOR cost to use?  When used properly, Textile ARMOR can provide significant savings to any healthcare or community facility.  Savings are the result of reduced laundering costs.  A three day laundry turnover rate could require reapplication on all textiles only twice a year.  Because of the protective nature of Textile Armor, textiles can stay in service until they are visibly soiled.  Laundering frequency is reduced thereby reducing laundry costs.  Health benefits include the possibility to lower infection rates for patients, residents and staff.