About Us

Simply put, the HyGenesis System is the most cost effective protocol for reducing bio-burden available in the industry today.  Once incorporated into a facility's cleaning and disinfecting regimen, a single application of the HyGenesis System delivers 24x7 broad-spectrum protection that can last for months with a single application.

By prophylactically treating hands, "high touch" surfaces, linens and textiles with its unique of germ fighting formulations, the HyGenesis System effectively inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria including MRSA (99.9%) and VRE (99.9%) dramatically reducing the probability of bacterial cross contamination and nosocomial infections.  In conjunction with Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement strategies and a regular test and measurement regimen, extremely impressive declines in infection rates may be expected.

This "upgrade to disinfection protocols" can be implemented at significant savings (up to 30%) over current anti-bacterial, anti-microbial treatments while delivering an all-inclusive coverage that is simply not possible with current disinfecting regimens. (Cost differential studies using actual data are available upon request.)

The HyGenesis System provides extremely broad-spectrum, long-lasting protection against the growth of bacteria, fungi, mold, mildew, algae, yeast and viruses on hands, surfaces and textiles.  With our long-lasting germ fighting technology constantly protecting (24x7), hand, surface and textile hygiene regimens can be simplified, greatly improving overall facility hygiene.  And as an added benefit, less toxic and less expensive cleaning agents are fully compatible with our system.