MEDC and U of M Collaboration

With support from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, HyGenesis has partnered with the University of Michigan School of Public Health to provide ongoing research and scientific analysis of the HyGenesis product set.  Early results from this collaboration have already provided exquisite microscopic images validating the performance of our technonogies.  These relationships position HyGenesis with exciting markets including healthcare, NASA and the military. 

A membrane, which mimics skin, was used to validate the efficacy of the technology.  Two membranes were challenged with bacteria (streptococcal biofilm cells).  One membrane was pre-treated with a 10% dilution of the technology, then rinsed then challenged.  The other was not treated.  The image on the left (green) is the untreated control membrane.  Green is viable and red is dead/damaged. 

The snapshot images shown below are taken from videos produced by the U of M.  The scale is 20um (micrometers).  In practical terms, the communities of bacteria shown in the images are smaller than the head of a pin.   

The following images demonstrate the complete (99.9%) elimination of bacteria! 

 Control Membrane


Untreated Membrane 
(Green is viable bacteria)
Test Membrane

Treated with Hand Armor

(Red is dead/damaged bacteria)