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Nothing! ...nothing! ... is better than appropriate hand washing to minimize the risk of cross contamination...nothing!...not even alcohol based hand sanitizers (ABHS).  Let's face it, touching a contaminated surface after hand washing (or use of an alcohol based sanitizer) can immediately re-inoculate the skin turning it into a contaminated "germ dispenser". 

So how can HyGenesis technologies help?

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!" 

HyGenesis technologies are PRO-active not RE-active!  They treat the root cause of infections.  And, our technologies continually protect (24x7) for as long as the technology is present.

By prophylactically treating hands, surfaces and textiles with the most effective long-lasting, bio-burden fighting technology, extended protection against cross contamination is now possible.  The HyGenesis System provides extremely broad-spectrum, long-lasting protection against the growth of bacteria, fungi, mold, mildew, algae, yeast and viruses between hand washing, cleaning and laundering.  The HyGenesis System effectively inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria dramatically reducing the probability of bacterial cross contamination and nosocomial infections.

Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizers (ABHS) and soaps are not the total solution.
FACT: Alcohol based hand sanitizers (ABHS) do not kill spores (c.diff.)
FACT: ABHS require large amounts (1.1ml) and frequent reapplication.
FACT: ABHS do not provide extended/continuous protection.
FACT: ABHS dry and chap hands opening up paths for germs.
FACT: Soaps do not kill germs. They facilitate germ removal.
FACT: Inappropriate (short or incomplete) hand washing does not eliminate all germs.
FACT: Many studies caution against the use of antimicrobial soaps.
FACT: Harmful microbes are best eliminated by the abrasive action of hand washing...and then washed them down the drain.