Hand Armor

HAND ARMORtm is different…. than any other hand treatment available in the market today. 

Formulated with highest quality pharmaceutical and cosmetic materials, Hand Armor is a proprietary blend of safe and effective ingredients developed to address the healthcare industry’s three most critical hand hygiene requirements:  1) exceptional protection, 2) extended efficacy, 3) therapeutic benefits.

Hand Armor contains no alcohol.  Each component of Hand Armor has long-standing EPA and FDA registrations and has been commercially available and proven safe for decades.   These components are used in many industries, in hundreds of products throughout the world including eye makeup, facial cleansers, surgical hand scrubs, skin antiseptics, and even baby diapers.

Hand Armor is registered with the FDA.  The unique properties of Hand Armor have demonstrated the technology breakthrough so desperately needed for limiting hand-borne pathogens, preventing cross-contamination and the transfer of microbes.

Hand Armor protects in FIVE important ways:

  1. Hand Armor uses Benzalkonium Chloride (BAC) as its “kill-on-contact” active ingredient.  BAC has been uses as a  topical antiseptic for wound care and as a preservative for decades in products like Bactine, cosmetics, lotions, disinfectants, etc.  Its broad spectrum antimicrobial capabilities are well documented.
  2. Hand Armor continues to protect for hours with a single application even after repeated hand washing.  Click here Scientific Data to learn about this amazing molecule.
  3. Hand Armor forms a “micro glove” hydrophobic barrier on the skin.  While allowing the skin to breath, this layer of protection inhibits germs from coming into intimate contact with the skin.  This moisture barrier helps keep germs out and the skin’s natural hydration in, keeping the skin’s natural outmost protective layer intact.
  4. Hand Armor’s unique micro glove barrier is ph balanced to create an inhospitable environment for microbes.
  5. Hand Armor's  barrier makes it tougher for microbes to stick to the skin facilitating the removal of dirt, debris and germs during simple hand washing.