Textile Armor Top Questions

 1)  What is the cost of Textile Armor?

About $.024 cents per pound of laundry.  The cost can be offset by extending the wash cycle of certain types of textiles.  

 2)  How often should Textile Armor be applied?

For normal usage twice a year application is expected.  With a 3 days wash cycle, the product is estimated to last up to 60 washes which can provide 180 days of effectiveness.  Remember, the organosiline molecule covalently bonds to surfaces and destroys bacteria 24 hours a day 7 days a week until it is removed.  

 3)  Does washing remove Textile Armor?

No.  The organosilane molecule, once it binds to the textile, remains on the textile and continues to protect, even after repeated washings.  “Be Aware” that it is necessary that only nonionic detergents and soaps are used in the wash process.  A pH level in the washing process is necessary to be discussed and determined to be within range.  Heat is not a factor in removing the product.   

 4)  How do I know Textile Armor is applied properly to the textile?

By testing the item with Bromophenol Blue.  This can be obtained from a chemical supply company.  It is purple in color in the bottle but once applied it will turn blue.  The bluer the color, the more the organosiline molecule is present in the textile.

 5)  Am I able to visually see the Textile Armor on the textile?

No.  The product is odorless and colorless.

 6)  Does Textile Armor harm my washing machines?

Textile Armor contains NO harsh chemicals.  It has been used to treat textiles since it was discovered decades ago and has since been proven safe.

 7)  Are there any additional benefits to using Textile Armor in the laundry beside disinfecting and protecting?

Yes, it also acts as a softener to the textiles and helps to prevent re-laundering.

 8)  How is the product packaged?

It is available in a 5-gallon pail or 55-gallon drum.

 9)  How do I know that the applied product is working??

A Luminometer is utilized for demonstrating bacteria content which experience has shown reduces bacteria in excess of 80 %.

10)  Does Textile Armor stain my textiles?

No, the product does not stain the fabric on which it has been applied.