Surface Armor

Surface Armortm is Different…. than any other surface treatment because it cleans, disinfects and protects in a single step.

Formulated with the highest quality products, Surface Armor is a proprietary blend of safe and effective ingredients developed to address the healthcare industry’s three most critical surface conditioning requirements:  1) cleaning the surface, 2) disinfecting the surface, 3) protecting the surface against the formation of biofilm for extended periods of time (months not minutes).

The Benefits of Surface Armor:

Surface Armor is registered with the EPA.  The unique properties of Surface Armor have demonstrated the technology breakthrough so desperately needed for preventing the cross-contamination and the transfer of microbes. 

  1. Surface Armor incorporates a well-known and highly effective cleaning agent that has been safely used in many cleaning products for decades.
  2. Surface Armor’s active ingredients include a safe and effective broad spectrum antimicrobial whose powerful characteristics are well documented. 
  3. Surface Armor continues to protect against the formation of biofilm for months-not-minutes with a single application even after repeated cleaning.  Surface Armor destroys germs in a way that does not allow them to genetically adapt.

Surface Armor is odorless and colorless.